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Thank you for your interest in MASS International Preschool!

Our students learn in an interactive, engaging and supportive environment that allows them to acquire skills for the future.

Contact us now to learn more about the school, our admissions process, our school fees or to complete an application. We are happy to arrange personal tours of our facilities and meetings with our faculty, as our curriculum is individualised to each child.

We hope you consider joining our school and community.

"Make the Most of your Summer with MAssters Summer Programme 2024!"

Click here to download the form for application.

Start Your Child's Learning Journey Early: Apply Now for the Playgroup!

Click here to download the form.

Application Procedure

Please complete the corresponding application form and submit to us:

- By Email, Fax, Post or in person, whichever way is more convenient to you


You may download the form on this page. Should you have any enquiry, always feel free to contact us on

+ 852 3955 1588


We accept applications throughout the year

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